Seamless1 Extension Conditioner 300mls

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Knot Free Extensions

Keep your hair extensions in top quality with the Seamless1 Extension Conditioner. Specifically made for hair extensions, it offers a range of quality nutrients the needed for quality control. It helps prevent extensions from drying out, becoming knotty and avoids them becoming dull and losing shine. Key ingredients such as Vitamin C, Avocado Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil and Acai Extract are responsible for keeping them healthy and plentiful. 

The seamless1 product binds moisture to the individual hair shafts, helping to ensure proper hair hydration. Being paraben-free, it means it’s completely safe to use on hair extensions! Enjoy having longer and thicker hair without hassle! 


Key Highlights: 

  • Can be used on hair extensions
  • Paraben-free
  • Quality ingredients 
  • Bind moisture to individual hair shafts 
  • Hydrating formula 
  • Adds shine 


How To Use: 

Firstly, it’s recommended to use this product in conjunction with the Seamless1 Extensions Shampoo. Shampoo your hair twice, allowing it to form a lather before rinsing. Once shampooing is complete, then apply the conditioner on your hair. Apply a small amount to your hands and add to the mid-lengths of your hair. Use your fingers to lightly brush the product through your natural hair and extensions. Do not apply directly to your roots as it may make them appear oily. Additionally, applying any conditioner to extensions can cause them to naturally remove themselves from the hair. 


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Additional information

Weight 0.355 kg