GHD Air Hair Dryer

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The Need For Speed

Dryer your hair has never been more efficient thanks to the ghd air hairdryer. Unlike other regular hairdryers, the air offers a salon finish up to 2 times as fast! The powerful 2,100W motor will ensure you achieve your sleek dried hair faster. The removable air filter delivers a high volume of air flow, giving a powerful drying ability. It offers variable power and control options, so you can customise the settings to meet your needs. You can heat your hair at a comfortable 65 degrees, or you’ll be able to use the cool shot feature, which helps to seal the hair’s cuticle. In turn, this helps to prevent flyaways and reduces frizz.

Other key features of the ghd air is the ability to use it ergonomically. Switch between left and right hands without a fuss. It also makes sharing the hairdryer with others easier. Additionally, the 3m long power cord means you can move around and dry your hair from anywhere, hello freedom!

Key Features:

  • 2,100Watt AC motor
  • Variable control settings for power and temperature
  • Advanced Ionic technology
  • 3m Power cable
  • Ergonomic design
  • 2 years manufacturers warranty
  • Removable air filter

How To Use:

For the best use of the ghd air hair dryer, it’s recommended to use on towel dried damp hair. The dryer should be held a short distance from the hair, carefully ensuring it’s not directly touching. You’ll then turn on the dryer to your optimum temperature. Start from your scalp then through to your mid lengths and ends. It’s recommended to section the hair for faster drying, while also using a vented styling brush for fast and effective drying. It’s also more likely to help prevent heat damage such as breakage and frizz.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.1524 kg