Seamless1 Extension Shampoo 300mls


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Bind Moisture 

Hair extensions require a lot of work and determination when it comes to keeping them at a high quality. Since the hair is no longer alive and on the scalp, it’s harder for it to get the nutrients it once had. That’s why the Seamless1 Extension shampoo is so perfect at keeping extensions looking fresh and shiny. The special formulation helps bind moisture to individual hair shafts, making the hair feel hydrated and shiny. 

The Extension Shampoo aims to reverse daily stresses and make your hair overall manageable. It’s completely safe to even use without extensions. It will add more minerals and nutrients in comparison to regular shampoos just to compensate for the extensions being dead. 


Key Highlights: 

  • Hydrating formula
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Safe to use on hair extensions 
  • Quality formulation 
  • Binds moisture 


How To Use: 

Using an extension shampoo sounds harder than it is. Firstly, you need to wet your hair under warm water to help open the cuticle of the hair. This helps for product absorption, meaning your hair will take on the ingredients better than with cold. 

Apply the shampoo onto your hands and then massage it in your hair. Scrub until it’s in a foamed lather before rinsing. For prime results, shampoo twice to help remove a build-up of dirt and oils. Rinse again before then applying your favourite mask or conditioner.


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