Glow2Go Teeth Whitening Kit

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Have yourself a pamper day/night and include your very own home based Teeth Whitening Kit. It is completely pain-free and self sufficient. You can continue those guilty pleasures which also include binge eating & drinking whilst sustaining that white smile!

Our Teeth Whitening Kit contains luxurious packaging with a holographic design. Our kit contains a Silicon made mouth piece which you pair with 3 Whitening Gels of a safe 6% (under The Australian regulations) made by Hydrogen Peroxide. It includes a magnetic USB charger with a Tooth Shade Guide to keep up with your teeth whitening journey and progress. Be assured this kit contains a manual that provides you with step by step instructions on how to safely use.

“Whiter teeth within 15 minutes!”

✔  Removes Stains

✔  Kills 99.9% Bacteria

✔ Long lasting results

✔ Comfort of your own home

✔ Safe & Australian certified

✔  30 Day Money Back Guarantee



Teeth Whitening Kit includes:

  • 1x Silicon Dual-Comfort Universal Mouth Tray (LED Red/Blue Light)
  • 3x Teeth Whitening Gel Pens (2ml)
  • 1x USB Power Cord
  • 1x Tooth Shade Guide
  • 1x Manual

Difference between both LED lights:

Blue Light
The blue light effectively accelerates for faster whitening results and a deep clean. This mode is timed for 15 minutes.

Red Light
The red light also whitens teeth as well as prevents sensitivity and removes bad breath including stains. This mode is timed for 10 minutes.

Directions & Care Instructions

1st step – Rinse Mouth with water

2nd step- Apply the gel on tooth surface

3rd step- Put the mouthpice into the mouth and bite it, then turn on the light

4th step – wait for 15mins

5th step Rinse mouth with water

6th final step- Rinse mouthpiece

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.265 kg