GHD Unplugged Heat Protect Spray


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Heat Damage Saviour

The GHD Unplugged Heat Protect Spray is a must have to help prevent heat damage. Heat damage is often caused by external factors in relation to heat. This means that overuse of hot styling tools like straighteners, hair dryers, curling wands, irons and wave makers can cause damage to the hair. These damages can include things like frizz, breakage, dry and brittle hair.

The GHD Heat Protect Spray helps to create a protective barrier that coats the hair. It’s invisible to the naked eye and won’t cause any excess weight or make the hair feel heavy. The 120ml bottle is the perfect size to get you through whatever

Key Highlights:

  • Protects the hair from heat damage
  • Lightweight formula
  • Can be used in conjunction with other products (e.g. hairsprays)
  • Used on wet and dry hair
  • 120ml bottle

How To Use:

The GHD Heat Protect spray doesn’t require much work at all. It can be used on both wet and dry hair and should be done before starting any heat processes. To use, hold the spray just a short distance from your roots. Starting from the top, lightly spritz down until the tips. For medium to long hair you’ll need an approximate of 6-8 sprays. Once in your hair, use a comb and distribute it evenly through your hair. You’re then ready to create the perfect look using your selected heated tool!


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