GHD Final Shine Spray

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Static Free Finish

The GHD Final Shine Spray helps to offer a healthy and glossy appearance to your hair. Over styling and colouring can often leave the hair looking dull and lifeless. By adding shine, your hair will look revived and new. The formula is lightweight, meaning that it won’t feel heavy or look greasy on your hair. The gloss helps to crease a salon styled finish with minimal flyaways but add high definition to waves and curls.

Feel a new level of confidence knowing that your hair will be looking spritely and fresh all day long. It’s delicately scented with a light fresh fragrance that you’ll love. Additionally, the 100ml bottle means that it will last you a long time before needing another one. You’ll get maximum value for money with the GHD final shine spray.

Key Highlights:

  • Creates instant all over shine
  • Offers curl definition
  • 100ml bottle
  • Helps to control static and prevent flyaways

How To Use:

This product is recommended for use after completing your styling process. You’ll need to hold the spray roughly 30cms from your hair. You’ll then lightly spritz over your hair. Alternatively, you can spray the product directly onto the brush or then your hands. You’ll then need to brush it through your hair, working it through slowly. As a result, this offers and even lighter touch than spraying directly onto the hair.