Curve Classic Curl Tong 26mm


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Create Consistent Curls 

The creation of well-balanced curls has just gotten a whole lot easier thanks to the ghd curve classic curling tong. Regardless of your skillset, you’ll come out with salon-quality curls. The 26mm medium barrel gives off the appearance of mid-level to tight curls. The spring activated lever helps to hold the hair in place, while it hears in a matter of 5-8 seconds. This is ideal for those who struggle to keep the hair locked in place, especially if you’ve got shorter hair. Regardless of your hair length, you’ll be able to use this tool. 

The curve tong contains ghds breakthrough ultra-zone technology, which offers an optimal even heat of 185 degrees. It has the ability to adapt it’s styling temperature to meet the need of each section of hair. Additionally, a proactive cooling tip is found at the end of the tongs, offering a safe place for your fingers to sit while styling. Styling has also become easier with the 2.7m swivel cord. Say goodbye to cord twisting! 

Product Highlights: 

You’ll be in love with all of the features that the ghd curve classic curling tong has to offer: 

  • Even 26mm medium barrel 
  • Turn off timer after 30 minutes of inactivity 
  • Optimum 185°c heating 
  • Built-in safety stand
  • Ultra-zone technology for adaptable styling
  • 2 years warranty 
  • Spring activated lever

How To Use: 

Firstly, section off parts of your hair into 2cm sections. This is the perfect among for efficient curling. Secondly, you’ll then wait approximately 30 seconds for your curler to heat. Once ready, you’ll be notified you’re ready to start. Wrap the sections of the hair around the want with the spring level open. When the hair is in place, close the lever and wait 5-8 seconds for the hair to curl. You’ll then repeat this process on all remaining sections of the hair until completion. 


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