Brasil Cacau Primer Pre-Styling Leave-In 110ml


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The Brasil Cacau prestyler leave in primer protects the hair from high heat exposures of almost 450 degree Fahrenheit. It is suitable for all human hair extensions and natural ones to hydrate, smoothen and reduce frizz from hair. The prestyling hair product guarantees you of premium-quality addition to your hair in the form of oils and vitamins. It contains effective Argan oil, which helps to keep the hair wet.

The pre style primer is a must-get for all salons. It renders one of the most professional hydration and detangling services. It produces a barrier to protect your hair from high heat from styling tools. The leave in primer enhances the process of drying after conditioning and ensures adequate hydration. Brasil Cacau Primer Pre-Styling Leave-In features a decent deposit of anti-oxidants that help to combat free radicals in your hair.

This pre-styling moisturizing treatment doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like paraben and sulphate, making it completely safe. The leave-in primer makes your hair easy to work on and protects it from iron things. It doesn’t also have any color additives to cause fading worries.

Key Features

  • Comes with the exclusive Brasil Cacau formula for smoothing and sealing the cuticle as well as hair nourishment.
  • Contains sunscreen, which helps to protect the hair from the UV rays from the sun.
  • pre-styling moisturizing treatment serves as a heat barrier between the hair and hot styling equipment
  • comes with a load of anti-oxidants which function as combatants for free radicals in the hair
  • its blend of ingredients also helps to reduce the amount of humidity in the hair

Is Brasil Cacau Primer Pre-Styling Leave-In For You?

  • The pre-styling treatment serves as a protective barrier against high temperature and sun rays
  • It helps in setting the hair in a suitable state for all forms of styling and arrangement
  • The primer nourishes the hair with anti-oxidants and helps to induce resistance to humidity

How To Use:

  • shampoo hair thoroughly with Brasil Cacau shampoo
  • apply conditioner to ensure hair is adequately wet
  • put in the pre-styler primer while the hair is still wet
  • style the hair the way you want


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