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Brasil Cacau Extreme Repair Hair Mask 200ml

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Brasil Cacau Extreme Repair Hair Mask gives the most effective recovery touch to all types of damaged hair. The formula works deep in the hair fibre damaged by chemical, mechanical, or heat-related processes. It contains cationic peptides that increase the strength of the fibre, forming a protective shield to speed up recovery.

This hair treatment mask helps in restoring the optimal condition of the scalp and cuticle. It functions as a calming or soothing ointment on the cortex and cuticle, which helps repair damage caused by chemicals. The mask also helps to protect the hair from further damage caused by UV rays or harmful additives in hair products.

The formula contains a rich blend of natural products like cocoa nutrients that enhance styled hair’s radiance and glow. It also contains extracts that run deep into the hair vessels to affect the healing of thermally caused injuries. Adequate in a 200ml container, the Brasil Cacau Extreme Repair Hair Mask is the most efficient recovery solution for damaged hair.

Key Features

  • Brasil Cacau Extreme Repair Hair Mask comes with cationic peptides that shield fibre with a protective coating
  • It contains the best cocoa nutrients that enable quick repair of damaged hair and cuticle
  • The mas comes with extreme repair formula that works deep in fibre to reconstruct injured hair
  • 200ml container package makes it portable and efficient for use anywhere
  • The best blend of ingredients for repairing cuticle damage caused by mechanical, heat or chemical processes.
  • Cationic peptide content also increases resistance to damage and enhances hair shine

Is Brasil Cacau Extreme Repair Hair Mask for you?

  • The repair mask works deep in the cortex, cuticle, and fibre to repair and reconstruct damaged hair
  • It helps in strengthening the hair strands as well as improving shine
  • Enhances flexibility in hair which makes for a perfect recovery touch

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.221 kg