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Brasil Cacau Extreme Repair Conditioner 300ml

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Experience the recovery power of Brasil Cacau Extreme Repair Conditioner in any damaged hair type. This damage repair conditioner comes with enough cocoa and peptides to enhance quick cationic healing on hair. Furthermore, it ensures the optimum health of the tender scalp with its all-action pack of natural components and extracts. This intense repair conditioner works from the deep tissue fibre of the scalp and does magic to the ends of your hair.

The smoothness and shine of the hair are highly improved thanks to the helpful condiments of this leave-in conditioning cream. This rich repair conditioner is the ideal answer to all hair damage questions with its amazing blend of ingredients. It is the perfect formula for hair injury caused by excessive harmful chemicals or careless application of other hair foods.

This moisture repair conditioner ensures maximum scalp health deep down in the fibre tissues with the best cocoa nutrients and other cationic peptides. It helps to maintain hair colouring and brings about long-lasting results of both styling and toning. In addition, this conditioning repair cream protects the hair from harmful formulae using the softest touch. Your hair is in for a long silky and healthy ride with the essential oils in this damage repair conditioner.

Key Features

  • Conditioning repair cream comes with an amazing content blend of cocoa nutrients to help repair damaged hair
  • It contains cationic peptides to enhance quick recovery and maintain good health of hair scalp
  • The leave-in conditioning cream has enough cationic peptides to restore your hair’s smoothness from deep in the fibre to the tips.
  • The formula contains essential oils to help maintain hair health and moisturization with the softest touch
  • Comes in a 300ml container to ensure adequate application hair recovery conditioner

Is Brasil Cacau Extreme Repair Conditioner for You?

  • The formula is the perfect solution to all repair problems for damaged hair
  • The conditioner contains cacau extracts that help to maintain good health, moisture, and hair nourishment from deep fibre to tips
  • Best repair mixture for deep hair injury and quick recovery with a good final shiny result

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.315 kg