Brasil Cacau Anti Frizz Conditioner 300ml


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Brasil Cacau Anti Frizz Conditioner keeps your hair in an all-round shiny condition with its amazing blend of ingredients. Besides, the conditioner for frizz has the effective Brasilian Keratin technology that helps to protect and restore smoothness to your cuticle. So it’s not just a no-frizz conditioner but also regenerates the outer and inner hair shaft for a better hair volume.

This no frizz leave-in conditioner contains butter and panthenol to enhance a semi-permanent touch in your hair. This combination ensures that results last longer than that of other conditioners. The keratin component gives the entire hair volume a shiny look while smoothening the cuticle. This anti-freeze leave in conditioner comes in a massive one-litre container to enable elongated hair conditioning usage.

Get up your curls with this anti-frizz conditioner for curly hair; it comes with essential oils to help maintain your tresses. The rare blend of keratin, panthenol, and butter gives a balanced finish to ensure lasting results on all hair types. This antifrizz leave in conditioner rejuvenates the entire hair shaft to provide enough protection and glitter.

This leave-in conditioner works on both the inner and outer mane to enhance an overall conditioning effect. It softens the hair, ensures adequate moisturisation for dried hair, and total restoration to frizz hair. It removes every case of frizz from all hair types. With the 300ml content volume, it provide you a lot of benefit to keep your hair smooth, and prevent frizz.

Key Features

  • The conditioner comes with the improved Keratin Technology for optimum hair care
  • Comes in a portable 300ml well-shaped container
  • Combines keratin and essential oils to introduce and maintain smoothness in your hair cuticle
  • It comes with a topnotch blend of butter and panthenol to enable the resulting shine and glow last longer
  • The Brasilian Cacau Formula it comes with help to strengthen your hair’s internal structure and eliminate every form of frizz
  • The cacao butter and vitamin E extract help remove hair dryness and maintain good hydration.

Is Brasil Cacau Anti Frizz Conditioner for you?

  • Anti-Frizz Hair Conditioner helps to reinforce the structure and smoothen the cuticle of the hair
  • The conditioner protects the entire hair shaft from chemical damage and breakages, making it shiny
  • It has a rare combination of Keratin, Cacau butter, and butter which is an all-action combo for long-lasting results


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